Our rates are competitive and transparent, reflecting our commitment to value for our Mandurah and Peel customers. We are licensed for on-demand charter (OD-C) meaning bus hire with a driver. 

Bus hire with a driver rate is $60 per hour plus $1 per kilometre, based on a round trip journey from Mandurah depot to pick up location, to drop off locations to Mandurah depot- 13B Dolphin Drive Mandurah. 

$1 per kilometre 

$1 per minute driving/waiting i.e. $60 per hour

*10% public holiday surcharge*

*Trip distance/time as per Google Maps*

*All prices GST inclusive*

Example: Mandurah to Lake Clifton Thrombolites Return

62 mins total travel time

64 kms total travel distance

62 + 64 = $126 trip cost

or $14pp at max capacity (9)

For a detailed quote get in touch with our friendly team today!